*As FV-3011HS is launched, this will be a planned obsolete model.

FV-3010HS FV-3010HS

FV-3010HS is an image clarifying unit for digital signals that enhances the visibility of objects by clarifying low contrast moving images by our original technology "ForteVision".
Supported HD-SDI signals (1080 / 60i and 30p [software switching]). Corresponding to 19inch EIA rack.

Main features

Main features Supports HD-SDI signal (1080 / 60i and 30p [software switching]).
Automatic adaptation to various external light conditions such as low illumination, backlight, fog and blurred.
Built-in noise filter for reducing noise in low-brightness area.
Original image output function when power is off.
Embedded audio (8 channels) compatible.
Remote control function by USB interface (dedicated software).
Corresponding to 19inch EIA rack.

Connection example

*It can be installed at the backward of the camera equipment or at the ahead of the monitor equipment.

Connection example

Main Specifications

Item FV-3010HS
I/O video standard HD-SDI
I/O signal format FullHD (1080 / 60i and 30p [software switching])
I/O signal terminal BNC connector
Pass-through function When the power is off, input is pass-through output
Audio signal format Embedded audio (8 channels) compatible
Remote control USB (using special software)
Power-supply voltage DC 12 V (AC adapter included)
Power consumption 5W
Environmental condition Temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C Humidity: 20% to 80% (non condensing)
Mass 2.4 kg (excluding AC adapter)
External dimensions 483 mm (W) x 200 mm (D) x 44 mm (H) (not including protrusions)
*Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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