PCI bus control / evaluation kit

ZPCI002(ZEN7251G Evaluation Kit - PCI Bus)

ZPCI002(ZEN7251G Evaluation Kit - PCI Bus)

It is a kit that can easily evaluate each function of target access & DMA compatible PCI bus interface IC "ZEN7251G". Since universal land parts are prepared on the board, it is also possible for customers to mount parts and evaluate it.
In addition, for those who want to be evaluated in a form that is closer to actual use conditions, extended connector mounting lands for connecting external expansion boards are also prepared. This land is for 60 pin (2 rows) pin connector and all local side signals of ZEN7251G are connected.

This kit consists of the following hardware and software.
· PCI bus interface IC --- ZEN7251G
· High-speed SRAM (for I / O access) --- 16 bit x 64 K x 2 (8 usable area in internal use)
· High-speed SRAM (for memory access) --- 16 bit x 256 K x 2
· Evaluation Software (for Windows 98/2000 / XP) --- Device · Driver, Dynamic Link · Library and Simple Application

Main features

Main features Local clock input selectable
Prepare Universal Land, Extended Connector Land, FPGA Mounting Land and Configuration Device Mounting Land
Operation confirmation of DMA and target access is possible with high-speed SRAM as target device
Operation check of general purpose I / O port can be confirmed by LED
Evaluation driver and application attached (for Windows 98/2000 / XP)
(It includes hardware specifications, ZEN7251G data sheet, software instruction manual, operation manual, DLL · driver binary sample source and others)

Data download *Japanese document

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