Programmable universal counter

Counter IC comparison

Function · Model ZEN2014F ZEN2024F ZEN2044F ZEN2002AP ZEN2003AF ZEN2061F
Clock frequency (MHz) 33 33 33 20 20 10
Counter response speed (Mcps) 33 33 33 20 20
Multiplication switch 1/2/4 1/2/4 1/2/4 1/2/4 1/2/4
Switch count direction
Count value parallel output
Counter resolution · Number of channels
(Number of bit × number of channels)
24×1 24×2 24×4 24×1 24×1 (96~8)
Number of input channels 1~6
Input format Up Down
Sign + pulse
Data bus bit width
CPU interface 80 Series
68 series
Match signal output count 2×2 2×4
Window comparator output
Number of coincidence detection registers 2×2 2×4
Abnormal input detection
Interrupt output
Counter clear Synchronous
Asynchronous Fixed edge
Variable edge
General purpose input / output IN:1 IN:2 IN:4
Outline QFP44 QFP60 QFP100 DIP28 QFP64 QFP64
Feature Ultra high speed
Compatible with 2011
Ultra high speed 2 ch.
Compatible with 2011
Ultra high speed 4 ch.
Compatible with 2011
End of production End of production Variable length
Variable ch.
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