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ZEN7201AF ( PCI bus slave interface IC )

ZEN7201AF is the PCI bus interface IC which is designed just for PCI or CompactPCI target boards. The maximum 16Mbytes memory space and 64Kbytes I/O space are available on the local bus side. The width of the local address bus is 24 bit,but the I/O(memory) address space could be larger than the size assignd by the PCI host controller during the Configuration cycle.
The timing of the local access is configurable. Settings of the registers and the local signal WAIT# control the local read/write timing. The local interrupt signal can be forwarded to the PCI interrupt line INTA#.The access procedure on the local bus is so simple that you can convert old ISA boards to new PCI products with a minimum modification!

Simple function focused for PCI target boards.
32bit and 33MHz operation.
Registers for Compact PCI Hot Swap function.
24bit local address bus and 8/16bit local data bus.
Local memory space 16Mbyte and I/O space 64 Kbyte.
Insert wait cycles (by using WAIT#).
Built-in EEPROM control circuit.
5V single power supply.



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