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General term
question What about the price and the delivery date?
Answer Please contact our sales agency.

Counter IC in general
question What about the usage of the counter IC?
Answer The programmable universal counter is an IC for the pulse count.

For example:
1)NC machine
2)Highly accurate positioning equipment
3)Arm control of robot
4)Rotation control
5)Electronic gauge and scale
6)Frequency counter

question What are the CW rotation and the CCW rotation?
Answer CW (clockwise) indicates that A input is predecessor.
CCW(conter clockwise) indicates that B input is predecessor.
question What is CPS at the counter response speed of the catalog?
Answer CPS (Count Per Second)is a number of counts per second.
CCW(anti-clockwise) indicates that B input is predecessor.
question When does AI (abnormal input detection flag) become "High"?
What about the counter value at that time?
Answer It becomes "High" when an abnormal input is detected. Abnormal input means "A input and B input change simultaneously due to overspeed or noise.
Once the AI flag is High, the counter value is not guaranteed.

question Can I use the ZEN2061P/F as the 3ch 24bit counter?
Answer Yes.

question How many comparison registers can I use?
Answer The comparison register is not built in ZEN2061P/F.

question Is the difference between ZEN2002AP and ZEN2003AF a parallel output?
Answer Yes.
question Are the counter data(24bit) latched at once?
Answer Yes.

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